Chrome Pink Lambo Aventador Clocked At 104 Mph (168 Km/h) On Frigid Canadian Road

Hitting over 100 miles per hour in a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster may be acceptable on the Autobahn, but not when it happens on a public Canadian road, and especially in a 62 mph (100 km/h) zone.

The driver of this pink chrome Italian supercar was stopped by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), on Highway 7, near Hazeldean, Canada, earlier this week, for going well over the speed limit.

The unnamed man was clocked going 104 mph (168 km/h) in less than ideal weather conditions. Those kind of speeds are “dangerous even on bare and dry roads” said the police department. As a result, the officers impounded his Aventador Roadster for one week and suspended his license for 7 days, OPP revealed on Twitter.

The Lamborghini owner shared an image on social media with his car being towed away, revealing the custom ‘Haterz’ license plate as well. “Got me going a little over the speed limit. Will I get it back before @bullfest Miami coming up? Dang, I sure hope so”, he said, adding that he now has a “7-day paid vacation from work” in response to a comment: “got what you deserved”.

Another incident with two brothers racing against each other

Two brothers, who were racing each other, were also pulled over by the OPP on Monday, on Limebank Road. Both of them were charged with stunt driving, traffic cop Phil Kane tweeted, and they lost their licenses and cars for 7 days.

Last week, the Ontario police caught a 19-year old man doing 153 mph (246 km/h) on Highway 403. The teen driver got behind the wheel of a borrowed Audi and wanted to see what it can do. The car was impounded and his license was suspended for 7 days, but he could also face criminal charges.



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