Christmas in the Park needs our support

A popular social event returns to our district tonight – and it’s up to us to get in behind it and show our support.

A tough decision last year by organisers of the well-attended Christmas in the Park to not hold the event was met with a lot of dismay by the Mid Canterbury public.

But the word was that it wasn’t the end forever and the New Life Church, who have been the main driving force behind the event since 2013, announced earlier this year they were putting it back on the calendar and it was treated as a bit of an early Christmas present for everyone around the district.

A free event boasting some of the best local, and national talent, available – Christmas in the Park is a festive season staple for many in the lead up to the Christmas season and after missing out last year many will be keen to flood to the Ashburton Domain tonight to reinstate the tradition.

When it was last held, in 2017 – the event attracted 11,000 people to enjoy the festivities, making it one of the biggest social events in terms of crowd size on the annual district calendar alongside an event like the Multi-Cultural Bite.

So, it’s vitally important that it remains a part of the calendar from year to year.

With a list of local performers that would make those who organise musicals around the district jealous, tonight promises to be a major success and with the hard-working team behind the scenes doing their bit to ensure it’s a successful and enjoyable event for both young and old, it’s bound to be a night that shouldn’t be missed.

Sadly, we don’t often get the opportunities to come together as a community like an event such as tonight provides and there’s something really special about walking into the oval at the Ashburton Domain and seeing it alive with people who are all there to enjoy what this district has to offer.

So, if you’re looking for something to do tonight – why not pack up the hamper and the family and head along for what is certain to be a great night of entertainment.

If you’re struggling to get into the Christmas spirit, then what better way than listening to a whole heap of Christmas carols and seeing the joy in people’s faces at a time of the year when being jolly and happy isn’t looked sideways at.

It’s great that we are able to have this event back on the calendar and its future of remaining there rests solely with us and how we choose to support it.

A big crowd tonight and it’s likely to be back again in 2019 – but poor patronage and things will be a bit more difficult to see it return in 12 months’ time.

The ball is on our court.

– By Matt Markham



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