Chrissy Teigen buys John a “man bag” for Christmas

The 33-year-old model claims that she and her husband John, 39, are "very homey people" and like to give each other simple presents and one of the ‘All Of Me’ hitmaker’s festive favorites is to find a new Tom Ford Buckley briefcase – which retails at over $3,000 – under the tree.

Chrissy likes to get her spouse the latest design because they are great quality luggage and "get better with age". 

In an interview with InStyle, she said: "We’re very homey people. It’s either cooking stuff, cozy stuff, or the man-bag. It’s the one with the chunky zipper, and every year they do it in a different colour or a different fabric. The suede ones are so, so beautiful and they last forever and get better with age. The dustier and more scratched they get, the cooler they get.

Tom Ford Buckley briefcase

"I always appreciate that in a gift. And their backpacks are amazing, too. That’s like usually the only thing he gets for his birthday, and then Christmas is a lot of little things. He just loves a crew neck tee. He’s a simple dude." 

The ‘Lip Sync Battle’ host also confessed that her partner – who she has daughter Luna, two and six-month-old son Miles with – is difficult to shop for as he has "no true interests" other than his career and has a birthday on the 28th of December, very close to Christmas Day. 

She said: "The poor guy gets rolled into that whole birthday/Christmas thing. He doesn’t have any true interests. It’s not like he’s a sports guy; he’s one of those guys who likes every team; they all deserve to win! He’s tough."

As well as the luxury designer bag, every year Chrissy treats John to a "computer bag" to manage his items while travelling. 

She said: "Every year I get him what we call a computer bag, but that sounds so nerdy, it’s like a man-bag, computer-bag thing. 

"So it’s usually some kind of leather tote that he can fit his laptop in with all the cords, the watch box, and his passport."


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