Children’s Discovery Museum donates a lot of fun to the Saskatoon Open Door Society

Families making a new home in Saskatoon will have some fun toys to play with at the Saskatoon Open Door Society (SODS) childcare centres thanks to the Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum.

The museum is donating books, building sets, costumes, stuffed animals and pieces of furniture to help furnish SODS’s newly renovated childcare centres after the museum was forced to close its temporary Market Mall location in early September due to flood damage.

“While we were saddened by the early closure of our Market Mall location, we salvaged a number of educational items from the flood that we knew another non-profit organization would appreciate,” executive director Amanda McReynolds Doran said in a statement.

“We hope that the children and families served by Saskatoon Open Door Society will enjoy meaningful play with these items, sparking curiosity, creativity and a love of learning.”

The two non-profit organizations have a close relationship thanks to the partner access program which has hosted numerous events for SODS children and their families in the past.

“We are grateful to the Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum for thinking of us as the recipients of items with evident educational value. Going forward, the children and families we serve will still be able to enjoy and benefit from their use. We greatly value our partnership with the museum,” Ali Abukar, executive director of SODS said in a statement.

The museum is now without a physical location for children to explore and learn until next spring when they unveil their permanent location at the former Mendel Art Gallery.



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