CES 2019: ‘Fresh Geoffrey’ is a robot BUTLER that pours beer, brings snacks and even does the washing up

FINALLY, a robot we actually want has been launched: a party butler droid.

Dubbed the ‘Fresh Geoffrey’, this wacky roving bot can carry booze and snacks around your home – serving guests, or your own lazy self.

Fresh Geoffrey party butler droid
The ‘Fresh Geoffrey’ is the ultimate party robot
The Sun

The quirky gadget was unveiled at this week’s CES 2019 tech show in Las Vegas, and seen in action by The Sun.

The robot moves about autonomously, either following pre-defined routes, circling, or sitting stationary – whichever suits your needs most.

For instance, you can set the ‘Fresh Geoffrey’ to move between the kitchen and living room automatically.

So someone in the kitchen can reload the Geoffrey and send him out into a house party with just the touch of a button.

There’s plenty of room for snacks on the ‘Fresh Geoffrey’
The Sun
You can store and chill wine or champagne using two special refrigerated bottle holders
The Sun

The butler droid maps out your house, knows how to find you, waits for your order from his base – and then joins you to serve up goodies.

French firm TwinsWheel describes the bot as “your own private butler droid to serve  you whenever the whim takes you”.

Fresh Geoffrey party butler droid
Geoffrey stores a keg of booze and can pour a chilled pint of draft beer on the spot
The Sun
Fresh Geoffrey party butler droid
‘Fresh Geoffrey’ can carry two glasses at once, and deliver them around your home autonomously
The Sun

The robot has loads of handy features.

For instance, it can house a small beer barrel, and keep it an ideal temperature.

You can then use a built-in tap to pour a pint of draft beer that’ll be fresh and chilled.

‘Fresh Geoffrey’ also includes two tubular cavities that are perfectly sized to store wine or champagne.

These cavities are refrigerated too, of course.

There’s room for two glasses and a bowl of snacks on top of the “Fresh Geoffrey’

And on the left hand side are three mini-shelves that can store a further three bowls of snacks.

But it gets better: on the right-hand side, there’s a special device that can rinse your glasses using pressurised water, so you don’t even have to do the washing up.

Fresh Geoffrey party butler droid
There’s a glass-washing system on the side that cleans using pressurised water
The Sun

We spoke to the creators of ‘Fresh Geoffrey’, who told us that the device had been successfully prototyped using crowdfunding.

But the company is now looking for a partner to help take ‘Fresh Geoffrey’ to the global market.

There’s no set pricing yet, but TwinsWheel co-founder Vincent Talon, based in Lyon, France, told The Sun it would cost “about €1,000”.

Would you be tempted by this robot butler? Let us know in the comments!

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