Car Falls Off Narrow Mountain Road As Passenger Leans Out The Window

The last thing one should do when riding in a car as a passenger is to distract the driver with their antics.

Unfortunately, that seems to be what a passenger did as the driver was following a narrow road flanked by a mountain on the right side and a huge ravine on the left side. Be warned: the following video is shocking, but maybe it will help others realize how dangerous it is not to pay 100 percent attention to the road ahead.

The horrific accident happened in Pakistan, on a road leading up to Toli Pir, a hilltop area situated at approximately 8,800 ft (2,682 m) above sea level. In the footage, we see a right-hand-drive vehicle following another car which looks like an older Toyota Corolla sedan.

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People in both cars were having fun, judging from the loud music captured by the camera. At one point, we see the front passenger of the first car, for whatever reason, leaning out the window. Several seconds after that the car disappears into the abyss opening on the left side of the road.

While no one knows exactly what happened inside the car that led the driver to steer it near the edge of the ravine, the passenger leaning out the window certainly had something to do with it. Factor in the slippery muddy road and you have a recipe for disaster.



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