Can drinking whisky really cure your cold

I recall being told that whisky is a good cure for anything from toothaches to colds and flu. 

But one question I always heard in mind growing up was does it really help? Or it’s all just a plot by its producers to get us drinking more of it? 

So, I spoke to a whisky expert, Tommy Larkan about the truth behind this, if whisky can really cure flu and colds?

Larkan has been in the whisky industry since 1994 and has travelled to numerous countries talking whisky and visiting numerous distilleries. 

He’s currently working for a company called Valotone where they currently import, market and sell whiskies from India namely Paul John, Nikka and blended malts from Scotland namely The Remarkable Regional Malts as well as gins from Scotland and tequila from Mexico.

Larkan says regarding this topic as to “does whisky cure cold and flu” being partial to a few drams of whisky or water of life he would like to say yes it does. That in actual fact there is no real cure for flu, however a little whisky could offer some relief.

He says that being a lover of the Amber Liquid his would contain a small drop or two of whisky as too much whisky might dehydrate you.

“Some say that it’s the lemon juice that reduces the mucus and unclogs your respiratory system. Some say that it’s the honey that helps to soothe the chest after all the coughing. Some say that it’s the warm water that helps these ingredients to get into your system quicker. But I would like to think that it is the whisky which soothes the pain and helps you to

Relax. Remember that the old Gaelic translation for whisky Uisge- Beatha refers to the Water of Life”, says Larkan.

“When adding your whisky to your hot toddy it’s all about personal preference, remember that whisky has its own flavor and if you are looking for sweetness try a bourbon or a single malt from the Speyside of Scotland. 

If you prefer something with a bit of peat and maritime flavor then I would suggest a malt from the Islay region. And if you are just looking to get rid of the flu any blended whisky will do”, he adds.


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