Bulls big man Bobby Portis said Kevin Durant purposely tried to injure him

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Bobby Portis was angry with Finals MVP Kevin Durant on Friday night, and 24 later those feelings toward the Warriors forward hadn’t subsided.

During the blowout loss to Golden State, Portis set a screen for Kris Dunn, and felt that Durant grabbed his right arm and pulled it back on purpose, trying to injure him. Portis said the elbow area went numb, and after he sat on the sideline a few seconds to immediately collect himself, he then went after Durant, verbally confronting him.

Coach Jim Boylen tried to squash the incident on Saturday, saying he didn’t think it was malicious. Portis, however, had his own opinion of it.

“Yeah, that wasn’t inadvertent,’’ Portis said. “If I would have done that I would have got a foul call on me, defensive foul. I guess it’s just who you’re playing against. Everything is officiated different toward whoever it is, but if you look back at the video at the time, it was obvious.’’

Portis did attempt to warm-up before the game with the Jazz and wanted to give it a go, but the training staff vetoed him and put him on the sidelines.

That seemed to anger Portis even more about the situation, especially when he was asked if Durant attempted to apologize.

“Ain’t no apologies in basketball,’’ Portis said. “Nobody feels sorry for nobody. That’s how it goes.’’

Bigger picture is that Portis also said he feels officials treat him differently because of the incident with former teammate Nikola Mirotic last season, in which Portis punched Mirotic in a practice altercation.

“I have that negative put on me like I’m a bad guy,’’ Portis said. “Obviously, everything is officiated differently towards me. You don’t care about that but it’s just what I made it cause of that incident [with Nikola Mirotic] last year. Everybody thinks I’m this bad guy when really I’m a really good dude. Image is everything, and I guess that’s what my image is.

“I expected it. I always play with an edge, play hard, kind of make these facial expressions to make it seem like I was mad all the time on the court, so obviously there’s going to be some carryover at one point when I started playing a lot, but it’s something I couldn’t control. It’s just who I am, play hard on the court, bring an edge. I really can’t control the facial features I play with. It just happens. It’s kind of a gift and a curse.’’

Still a vacancy

According to Portis, the Bulls have still not filled the vacancy left with the leadership committee, as he joked that they were still seeing who will make the cut.

Justin Holiday, along with Portis, Robin Lopez, Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen made up the committee that would work as a buffer between Boylen and the rest of the locker room, at least until Holiday was traded to Memphis last week.

Kris Dunn has been penciled in as the leading candidate, but Dunn doesn’t really seem to concern himself with anything besides playing basketball, so it’s still up in the air.


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