BTS performance on Japanese TV cancelled over ‘atomic bomb’ t-shirt

Jimin was seen wearing the controversial t-shirt.


A Japanese TV station has cancelled an appearance by BTS, after it emerged that a member of the K-Pop group once wore a t-shirt depicting the US atomic bombing of Japan.

Ahead of their scheduled appearance on TV Asahi, a photo emerged online that showed Jimin wearing a T-shirt depicting the devastating attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 which claimed thousands of lives.

The shirt was branded “insulting” by some fans, while others claimed that the inclusion of Korean flags on the garment celebrates the bomb’s role in sparking the eventual independence of the Korean peninsula from Japanese rule.

“A t-shirt design worn by one of the members caused controversy… we had been discussing it with the record label. However, we decided to postpone their appearance this time”, confirmed TV Asahi in a statement.

The t-shirt, which is still being sold online, also bears the slogan “Patriotism Our History Liberate Korea”.

Although it is unclear when Jimin first wore the t-shirt, images began to initially circulate in October.

One fan responded on Twitter: “I can never accept the act that member wore the atomic bomb T-shirts humanely. The problem is not the relation between Japan and Korea. It’s just humanity.”

But others were more forgiving.

“It’s gonna be ok. Don’t worry For Jimin isn’t your fault”, one fan wrote.

“Forget your past, forgive yourself and begin again. Don’t feel so bad. i want to see your smile again.I’m always be with you from Army”.

BTS are yet to directly respond.

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