‘Brosectomy’ parties are becoming a thing

A vasectomy procedure can be a nerve-racking experience for many men, so sharing the experience with some of your closest friends may help ease the pain.

And it might actually be a growing trend.

According to the Wall Street Journal, some men are making a day out of the birth control procedure – complete with dinner, drinks, and plenty of recovery time in a lounge-like setting.

Dubbed “brosectomies,” men are paying an upward of a few thousand dollars for a day of snips, chips, and dips in an effort to make the procedure more comfortable.

Some urologists offer group vasectomies as a way to ease men into getting snipped while also promoting quick recovery time.

“We thought it was going to be painful,” Jeb Lopez told the Wall Street Journal. “After that, we were just laughing, I guess it’s from the alcohol, but we had such a great time.”

Lopez went ahead with a group vasectomy with his friend Rob Ferretti at the Obsidian Men’s Health clinic just outside Washington D.C. The two pals lounged in the same room wearing robes, enjoyed drinks and watched television while the procedures occurred.

Lopez and Ferretti documented their brosectomy in a video uploaded on YouTube.

The American Urological Association noted hundreds of thousands of men get vasectomies annually. The AUA said vasectomies are safer and faster than women getting their tubes tied.


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