Boulder officials say changes at Wonderland Lake not a sure thing

Proposed changes at Wonderland Lake that have aroused concern among neighbors in the area are not a sure thing, but a miscommunication between the Boulder City Council and some city staff left many residents feeling left out of the discussion.

The City Council in 2016 approved the North Trail Study Area Plan, a document designed to govern how the city approaches the management of the northern section of the city’s open space land.

The plan includes numerous concepts for changes at Wonderland Lake, a body of water situated between neighborhoods on the northwestern side of the city. Residents took public outreach by city Open Space and Mountain Parks staff late last year to mean that they really had no say on whether or not changes were to be made.

Council Member Bob Yates said that the North Trail Study Area was never intended to be a plan for changes at the lake, even if it does provide ideas for such changes.

“It was a mistake for city staff to believe that council had approved any changes at Wonderland Lake,” Yates said. “It is regrettable that staff assumed that City Council had approved changes when none had been approved.”

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