Bimmer Sleeper: Unassuming M3 Boasts 1,000 WHP, Does The 1/4 Mile In Under 10 Seconds

The BMW M3 is a proper driver’s car that’s capable of offering huge fun between the apexes, and also handle the weekly grocery shopping without problem.

Its ‘search and destroy’ status has reached new heights in this particular F80, though, which has a neck-snapping 1,000 horsepower at the wheels! That’s right, the wheels, not at the crank, so on a good day, it could probably give the Bugatti Veyron something to think about.

The amount of work that has went into the development of this M3 is more than impressive. The car has been tuned by RK Tunes, a company specialized in offering nothing but the best in terms of performance for certain BMWs. Their portfolio includes anything from the 1- to the 7-Series, as well as the X-branded crossovers, Z3 and Z4, and the entire range of M cars.

As for the insanely powerful F80 M3 depicted on the video below, it proved itself to be a 9-second car, after it ran the quarter-mile in 9.82 seconds.

The best part about it is that it doesn’t have any wild exterior modifications. So, apart from the exhaust note and a pair drag radials at the back for getting of the line as fast as possible, nothing gives away its true identity – until the driver flexes his right foot, that is.



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