Bill to legalize lemonade stands, other kid businesses making its way through Colorado legislature

In a small committee room on the third floor of the Colorado State Capitol, kids squirmed around in their chairs waiting anxiously for their chance to testify.

The Senate Business, Labor and Technology committee was debating a bill that would make it easier for these kids to run their own businesses. Senate Bill 19-103 prohibits any local government from requiring a young entrepreneur to get a permit or license to run their business.

The bill comes less than a year after three young boys’ lemonade stand was shut down by police at a local art fair. Since then, Jennifer Knowles and her sons Ben, Jonathan and William have been fighting to change the law so that they can legally run their lemonade stand without needing a permit.

For Jennifer, this is a matter of allowing her sons to operate the same type of business many adults have when they were kids.

“We technically broke the law — didn’t even realize it,” Knowles said.

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