BFFs! Ina Garten Grabs In-N-Out With Jennifer Garner

Ina Garten Jen Garner In-N-Out Burger
Jen Garner and Ina Garten at In-N-Out Burger on December 7, 2018. Courtesy Ina Garten/Instagram

Ina Garten and Jennifer Garner are totally burger buddies! The pair visited an In-N-Out Burger restaurant in Costa Mesa, California, on Thursday, December 6, and celebrated the end of Garten’s Cook Like a Pro book tour by feasting on some tasty eats.

The celebrity chef was first to share news of the fast-food outing when she posted a photo of herself and Garner on Instagram Thursday. In the snap, each woman is holding a burger with both hands and smiling broadly. “Only the best for my friend @jennifer.garner — dinner at @innout after my show in Costa Mesa, CA!!” Garten wrote. “What a fun way to wrap up my fall book tour! #CookLikeaPro.”

Not long after the Barefoot Contessa star shared her snapshot, comments began pouring in. When a fan inquired as to whether Garten, 70, orders her burger “animal style“ – mustard-cooked beef patties topped with pickles, extra Thousand Island-like spread and grilled onions – the Brooklyn native was quick to respond.

“Of course!! So did Julia Child!” Garten replied. In fact, though Garten can obviously cook like the pro that she is, she has said In-N-Out is the only fast food she will eat because it was reportedly Child’s “favorite” too.

About two hours after Garten’s picture was posted, Garner, 46, shared her own photo from the get-together. Though the pair’s matching burgers were still on display, this time social media users got an added glimpse at the French fries the pals also ordered. “You were amazing in your beyond sold out show in Costa Mesa,” Garner said of Garten in the caption. “We hung on every word!”

While Garner and Garten, who have been friends for several years and spent a “perfect day” together in July, clearly have a mutual admiration society for one another, fans are also overjoyed by this pairing. “I could not love this more,” wrote one. Added another: “You two are so cute, thanks for keeping it real!”


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