Best iPad Pro deals – cheapest ways to buy Apple’s brand new tablet TODAY

APPLE’S new iPad Pro is finally available to buy, and there are already some stellar savings to be had.

We’ve tracked down the best new iPad Pro deals for 2018, letting you cut the cost of Apple’s most premium tablet in time for Christmas.

The new iPad Pro models have stunning edge-to-edge displays

What is the new iPad Pro 2018?

Apple launched the iPad Pro line back in 2015 as a premium alternative to the standard iPad – with boosted performance and specs.

In October 2018, Apple debuted a pair of third-generation iPad Pro models with 11-inch and 12.9-inch screens.

The redesigned models have edge-to-edge displays and feature Apple’s Face ID face unlocking tech. The tablets also come equipped with improved 12-megapixel cameras, USB-C charging, and the powerful new Apple A12X Bionic chip.

The smaller iPad Pro starts at £769, while the larger 12.9-inch model will cost you at least £969.

You can unlock the new iPad Pro using Apple’s Face ID facial recognition tech

New iPad Pro 11 deals 2018

You’re unlikely to find any amazing non-contract deals on the iPad Pro.

That’s because they’re still very new, and Apple products are rarely discounted even when they’ve been out for a while.

With that in mind, we’d probably recommend buying one from John Lewis, because at least then you get a standard two-year guarantee to sweeten the deal.

  • New iPad Pro 11 at John Lewis from £769 – buy now

The best EE deal we’ve seen for the smaller model gets you 2GB of data with zero upfront fee.

The normal price is £60 a month, but EE has an offer running that knocks off 10% for existing customers – dropping it to £54 a month.

That works out at £1,296 over 24 months, which is £527 more than the tablet’s actual price. However, you’re also getting mobile data bundled in here, which has its own value.

  • New iPad Pro 11 at EE (2GB data) for £54 a month (£0 upfront) – buy now

Our favourite Vodafone plan costs £60 upfront and then £53 per month after that.

This nets you a generous 5GB of monthly data, and will cost you £1,332 over the contract’s 24-month run.

  • New iPad Pro 11 at Vodafone (5GB data) for £53 a month (£60 upfront) – buy now

But it’s O2 that has one of the best offers, netting you 3GB of data for £48.17 a month.

This requires you to pay a £20 upfront fee, but only brings the total contract cost to £1,176.08.

  • New iPad Pro 11 at O2 (3GB data) for £48.17 a month (£20 upfront) – buy now
Apple also offers an optional keyboard attachment for people who want to boost their productivity with an iPad Pro
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New iPad Pro 12.9 deals 2018

As before, it’s hard to find non-contract deals on the iPad Pro – simply because new Apple products basically never receive discounts.

So our tip is to bag an outright model from John Lewis to benefit from the retailer’s standard two-year guarantee.

  • New iPad Pro 12.9 at John Lewis from £969 – buy now

The top EE deal costs £50 upfront, and £70 a month as standard.

However, this monthly fee is reduced to £63 for existing EE customers.

At that price, you’ll get 2GB of data and pay £1,562 over 24 months.

  • New iPad Pro 12.9 at EE (2GB data) for £63 a month (£50 upfront) – buy now

Perhaps a better option with more data is Vodafone’s 5GB tablet plan.

This costs £65 a month and £60 upfront, totalling £1,620 – marginally higher than EE’s contract, but with more than double the data allowance.

  • New iPad Pro 12.9 at Vodafone (5GB data) for £65 a month (£60 upfront) – buy now

But O2 has both retailers beat again with its 3GB plan.

This’ll cost you £20 upfront and £57.17 a month for 24 months, coming in at just £1,392.08.

  • New iPad Pro 12.9 at O2 (3GB data) for £57.17 a month (£20 upfront) – buy now

The prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed. Make sure to research any deals yourself before making a purchase.

What do you think of Apple’s new iPad Pro? Let us know in the comments!

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