Before Pomona’s Alejandro Aranda, these were the ‘American Idol’ finalists from Southern California

Blame it on the Southern guys with guitars who dominated “American Idol” for a good while, but Southern California, for as much as we ARE the home of the entertainment industry, hasn’t had that great of a track record when it comes to making the ‘Idol’ finals over the years.

Here’s how our singers have done from Season 1 to the current Season 17.

Season 1: A.J. Gil, San Diego, 8th place. Ryan Starr, Sunland, 7th place.

Season 2: Josh Gracin, Oceanside, 4th place.

Season 3: Matthew Rogers, Rancho Cucamonga, 11th place.

Season 4: None.

Season 5: Lisa Tucker, Anaheim, 10th place. Katharine McPhee, Los Angeles, 2nd place.

Season 6: Brandon Rogers, North Hollywood, 12th place.

Season 7: Chikezie, Inglewood, 10th place. Carly Smithson, San Diego, 6th place.

Season 8: Allison Iraheta, Los Angeles, 4th place. Adam Lambert, San Diego, 2nd place.

Season 9: Didi Benami, Hollywood, 10th place. Andrew Garcia, Moreno Valley, 9th place.

Season 10: Casey Abrams, Idyllwild, 6th place. Jacob Lusk, Compton, 5th place.

Season 11: Jessica Sanchez, San Diego, 2nd place.

Season 12: Nope.

Season 13: Nada.

Season 14: Adanna Duru, Diamond Bar, 10th place.

Season 15: Olivia Rox, Agoura Hills, 9th place.

Season 16: Sigh.

Season 17: Alejandro Aranda, Pomona, 3rd, 2nd or winner — stay tuned!


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