Aston Martin Goldfinger DB5 Continuation Will Come With Fake Machine Guns

When Aston Martin announced plans for the limited edition Goldfinger DB5 Continuation last summer, the company confirmed the model would come with “functioning gadgets” featured in the film. However, the automaker didn’t elaborate too much.

Now we’re getting a better idea of what to expect as Aston Martin has released a new video which highlights the model’s movie-inspired gizmos. Featuring Chris Corbould, who is the special effects supervisor for James Bond films, the clip takes us to Aston Martin Works which is responsible for building the car.

As Corbould explains, “I’ve been working very closely with the brilliant Aston Martin engineers on most of the gadgets from Goldfinger.” He goes on to say the car will have revolving number plates, a bulletproof shield and a smokescreen. The video then shows the smokescreen as well as an oil slick sprayer that pops out of the rear turn signals. The model even has front machine guns, which aren’t functional, but flash and move back and forth to simulate being fired.

It remains unclear if the car will be equipped with additional gadgets, but blueprints suggests this could be the case. In particular, we can see an armrest that opens to reveal an assortment of switches and a gear knob lid that flips up to a reveal a button for the passenger side ejector seat. The blueprints also suggest the car will come with a retro-inspired GPS-like tracker and a nail sprayer.

A total of 28 models will be built and each will feature a Silver Birch exterior. Of them, 25 units will go to customers while Aston Martin and EON Productions will each keep one. The final car will be auctioned off for charity.

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While Q once joked that 007 has a “license to kill, not to break the traffic laws,” owners of the Goldfinger DB5 Continuation can’t drive on the street as the model isn’t road-legal. It’s also pretty expensive as the car costs £2.75 ($3.5 / €3.2) million before taxes.



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