Artie Lange’s sentencing postponed as comedian remains hospitalized

Lange was due to be sentenced in Superior Court after pleading guilty to heroin possession. The comedian, who has long struggled with drug addiction, is being treated for complications of diabetes, his lawyer says.

Artie Lange‘s sentencing on drug charges has been pushed back again because the comedian is still in the hospital getting treatment for diabetes. 

Lange, 50, pleaded guilty to heroin possession in December and was due to appear in state Superior Court in Essex County on Friday, but his lawyer requested an adjournment because of his condition. 

“He is still dealing with sinus infection and diabetes issues,” says Lange’s lawyer, Frank Arleo. 

Lange, a Livingston native who grew up in Union Township and lives in Hoboken, has been in the hospital since at least May 10, when he canceled a show at Scotty’s Pub and Comedy Cove in Springfield. 

The comedian was charged with drug possession after State Police stopped him on the Garden State Parkway during a plainclothes surveillance operation in May of 2017.

Police said they saw Lange drive erratically away from a McDonald’s parking lot in Bloomfield and found a bag of heroin and straw in his lap. Lange was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and drug paraphernalia.

After he was arrested for missing a court date, Lange pleaded guilty to possession of 81 decks of heroin (bags worth about $10 each).

This is not the first time he planned to show up in court and had to cancel because he was in the hospital. Lange had said he would appear in Superior Court on Feb. 23, but didn’t make it because he had to be hospitalized for blood sugar and blood pressure issues. He had a pre-sentence interview on March 23. 

“I saw the judge who is very fair,” he tweeted at the time. “She said I looked better! The interview went well. So I’m praying for probation but I will respectfully do what they tell me to do!”

Lange, who completed a stint in drug rehab earlier this year, has long struggled with drug addiction

In March of 2017, just two months before police stopped him on the Parkway, police allegedly found Lange with heroin, cocaine and drug paraphernalia in his building’s parking garage. 

The comedian’s battles with addiction were the subject of an episode of the latest season of the HBO series “Crashing,” in which Lange plays a crotchety sidekick and veteran stand-up comic opposite an amateur comedian played by Pete Holmes.

Lange, who should also be appearing in the show’s third season, has said that the episode was being considered for submission to the Emmys. 

Like his history with drugs, Lange’s weight and health problems often figure in his act. He once joked that his blood sugar was “Babe Ruth’s lifetime slugging percentage.”

On May 6, Lange, who canceled a show in Ohio last year because of blood sugar spikes, tweeted a photo of a plate of pizza and what appeared to be a cup of Coca-Cola:

“You sent Yoga videos to a guy who’s currently calling this breakfast,” he said. 

Lange is next scheduled to perform at Scotty’s Pub in Springfield on May 31 and at the Stress Factory in Bridgeport, Connecticut on June 14, 15 and 16. 

“He’s got to get his health in order,” said Laurielle Nagel, manager at Comedy Cove, after the comedian canceled his show there last week. 

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