Another public pooper is terrorizing the internet. What is going on?

New Jersey's viral public pooper was tame compared to this woman

And we thought public pooping problems were limited to the Garden State.

Weeks after Kenilworth school superintendent Thomas Tramaglini was arrested for defecating on the Holmdel High School football field, video of a woman angrily pooping at a Tim Horton’s coffee shop in Canada on Monday has taken the internet by storm.

But the women wasn’t just furious enough to poop on the floor. She dropped trow, pooped, picked it up and threw it at an employee, wiped herself with napkins and threw those, too.

The craziest part of the video might not just be that this woman pooped on the floor, but the fact that she looked like she knew what she was doing. She grabbed napkins to wipe and leaned up against a wall to brace herself while pooping. Bottom line, it looks like this isn’t her first pooping in public rodeo.

We’re not going to post the video here because, well, it’s kind of crappy, but you can find it here if you so desire.

Tramaglini, 42, is scheduled to appear in Holmdel Municipal Court on May 30 for charges of public urination/defecation, littering and lewdness. Those crimes are low-level offenses and it’s likely Tramaglini won’t do any jail time and just have to pay fines.

He was placed on paid leave through June 30.

And while the Canadian coffee shop crapper video is especially intense, this is far from a new phenomenon.

There was the “bowel movement bandit” in 2015, a man who in Akron, Ohio, pooped on at least 19 parked cars in three years. Then in 2017, there was the infamous “mad pooper,” a woman who repeatedly pooped in public during her morning jogs in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Later that year, there was the culprit who repeatedly pooped in washing machines at dorms at Southern Illinois University.

“The fact that it’s repeated means that it’s intentional,” clinical psychologist Dr. Thomas Hollenbach told NJ Advance Media in an interview recently. “The person is weaponizing the emotion of disgust and using it to upset people.”

No word on if this was a repeat offense for the Canadian pooper, but it certainly was weaponized and disgusting.

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