And America’s Best Selling Muscle Car Of 2018 Is….

The Ford Mustang was the best-selling muscle car in the United States last year but even more notably, the Dodge Challenger enjoyed its best year of sales since being re-introduced in 2008.

Throughout last year, Dodge managed to shift a total of 66,716 Challengers across the country, beating out the previous sales record of 66,377 from 2015. Compared to 2017, sales were up 3 per cent, a rather remarkable feat when you consider that the Challenger hasn’t undergone any series updates for over a decade.

However, Dodge has managed to keep buyers interested in the Challenger by frequently releasing new and exciting variants, including an all-wheel drive model and the range-topping Challenger Demon, delivering a mesmerizing 808 hp to make it a force to be reckoned with at the drag strip.

As for the Mustang, Ford managed to shift a total of 75,842 examples throughout the U.S. to take the muscle car crown. Interestingly, that figure is actually 7.4 per cent less than 2017 and could be because some aren’t overly keen on the looks of the facelifted model. Alternatively, it is possible that some buyers are waiting out for the impending Mustang Shelby GT500 set to arrive in 2019.

Coming home in third place was the Chevrolet Camaro. In 2018, Chevrolet managed to sell 50,963 examples, a huge 25 per cent decrease on what it was able to sell in 2017. Last year, the automaker introduced a facelift to the Camaro range but many customers were left disgruntled by the new look, forcing the company to begin work on a facelift for the facelift.


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