‘American Idol’ finalist Alejandro Aranda returns home to Pomona and here’s what it’s like

The phrases “Alejandro Aranda’s Homecoming Parade” and “Welcome Home Alejandro” were emblazoned across the marquee outside the Fox Theater on Garey Avenue on Tuesday as spectators waited for Pomona-raised “American Idol” finalist Alejandro Aranda.

Aranda, one of three remaining contestants on the show, will be honored with a parade that will make its way through Pomona’s downtown area before culminating in a welcome by Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval and a concert from Aranda outside the theater. Of course, cameras will be there capturing footage for the reality singing competition.

And there’s already a lot going on leading up to those events.

Some super fans arrived outside the theater hours early with signs in hand.

And hundreds of fans showed up in Claremont, the next city over, gathering outside the Folk Music Center owned by musician Ben Harper (one of Aranda’s guests) Tuesday morning. People lined both sides of the sidewalk outside the store, which Harper’s grandparents started. Aranda could be seen inside, with camera crews trailing.

And Aranda and Harper jammed together for a bit before Aranda left the store and went out through a heavy crowd to get to his limo.

Meanwhile, in Pomona, crews worked to get the stage ready.

And Pomona’s mayor, Tim Sandoval, was all decked out in an Aranda t-shirt as members of a growing crowd held up signs saying “Alejandro we <3 U,” “Team Alejandro” and “We <3 Our Hometown Homie!”

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