7 Useful Apps You Won’t Hear People Talking About

Right out of the box, your iOS device already comes with cool capabilities thanks to the apps Apple preinstalled on it: emoji-enhanced messaging, voice calling, music playing, e-reading, podcasting, and photo capturing and editing, just to name a few. But your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad doesn’t get to really shine until you load it up with great third-party apps from the App Store. Below, we’ve collected a variety of useful apps to help improve your experience of using  your iOS device.

But alas, the App Store is home to over two million apps, the vast majority of which are mediocre or just plain worthless — “crapps,” as they’re affectionately called. Of course, there have been a lot of apps that have become quite essential as well as popular by virtue of their high quality (e.g. 1Password), strong brand association (Instagram), or both.

The App Store is home to over two million apps, but we’ve sorted out some of the gems from the gravel

But what about the unsung apps that are evidently excellent but are yet to gain significant traction? Admittedly, corralling the crowd of such apps will be well nigh impossible. Be that as it may, we’re continuously scouring the App Store to sort out the gems from the gravel.

And we have eight useful hidden gems you probably haven’t heard of to share with you right here, right now. Take a look and see for yourself just how precious and brilliant these gems can be once they’ve made their way onto your iOS device and your daily life.

Tinder for photos


Slidebox takes the chore out of deleting unwanted photos (like poorly shot selfies and old screenshots) from your camera roll and freeing up precious space in the process. The app lets you simply swipe to retain or delete a photo. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s reminiscent of the card-based “like or pass” approach made popular by a certain dating app. Indeed, Slidebox has been aptly dubbed “Tinder for photos.”

Photographic time machine

Photo Flashback

So you have all of those photos taken over the years and saved in your photo library. Now what? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to relive the memories associated with your photos in a simple and smart way? Well, you can do just that with Photo Flashback, the so-called Timehop for the photos on your iOS device and on your iCloud Photo Library.

News from your social networks


If you’re following the people you follow on Twitter and Facebook primarily because they’re folks whose shared news links you trust and like, Nuzzel is the perfect app for you. Nuzzel provides a convenient place for you to quickly and easily see what the top and trending stories are according to what your friends have been sharing over time. So when it comes to catching up on the news, you can get by with a little help from your friends and a little app called Nuzzel.

Sharing made easy


Linky may at first seem unnecessary considering that iOS already has a systemwide share sheet. But through its share extension, Linky offers an alternative share sheet that’s more flexible and customizable, thereby making the process of sharing links, images, and text on Twitter, Facebook, and even App.net quicker, easier, and altogether better.

The right emoji right within reach


Chatting with emoji is fun. But it can also be time-consuming, what with your having to scroll through a confusing and overwhelming mix of icons before you can find the right one. [Insert thumbs down emoji here.] Well, that’s only if you don’t have the predictive emoji keyboard app Keymoji, which works not only in Messages but also in other apps.

Automatic time tracking


The thing with apps is that, however useful they may be, their potential is left untapped once you neglect to tap their icons on your home screen and continue using them. Take for example a time-tracking app that you frequently forget to open when you need it to serve its purpose. But when it comes to the time-tracking app Rewind, you need not worry about having to open it every now and then. This is because Rewind is that rare app that automatically does its thing without your having to think about it.

Superb scanner with OCR


Prizmo falls in that category of apps which you can use to show off to other people the amazing things your iOS device can do. Prizmo is certainly not just for show, though; it yields results that you can actually use to boost your productivity and creativity. But you may be asking, “What’s Prizmo, anyway?” Simply put, it’s an app that can “automagically” digitize any text document, business card or image you scan with it. You just have to see it to believe it.


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