♫ Listen: Sven K – Sven (One Thousand)

Dimensional cutting bedroom-club producer Sven K has another couple steps for you to make before dance heaving with new cassette/digital release Sven (One Thousand) on Kudatah. Like a stampede of feet, Sven (One Thousand) is exactly the dream you had about that basement rave interlude when DJs are shifting, everyone is still sweating and swaying slow. Clothes sticking to yourself and others. Brows moist. A trailing beat that lingers just enough for a complete thought, trying to stagger the line, slipping between bodies, and eye contact. Something like a sample, but it’s probably someone with a mic — or a few people with a single mic — in a surrounding effect, echoing a little less now, similar to buzzing in an ear. Sven (One Thousand) is the thicc cloud that still lingers the space, even when the windows are open:


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