♫ Listen: Ohbliv – LewseJoints The Seventh One Pt. 1 / LewseJoints The Seventh One Pt. 2

Back in 2012, Ohbliv dropped the first installment in his ongoing LewseJoints series. It was a big deal for my circle of friends (by which I mean myself and Top Heavy lol). We bumped it on the regular. Kinda foggy times tho. Many roaches. Many rotations. Many rounds. ♨_♨

Now, a little over six years later, Ohbliv is still dicing up joints with his unique expertise, having not missed a step. With MANY other beat-tapes in his back catalog, we’ve ceremoniously moved on to the seventh generation of LewseJoints. And in two parts nonetheless!

Packed with grooves and loops galore, this gen strolls along with the smooooohtest of flips; the niiiiiicest of cuts; the greeeeeeaatest of… Aw fuck it, you get it. Listen below and support the man:


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