♫ Listen: DOXXED – “Escopofobia”

Got DOXXED… in a good way! The Argentina-based producer/vocalist’s eponymous debut works multiple angles of homespun club-pop splendor to good effect. As fitting an associate of the Buenos Aires net label AGVA, a few emotionless moments plunge you down shivering in the cybernetic coolant, yet DOXXED’s upbeat melodic swagger shows the AGVA crew can flex hooks too. Variety’s the spice.

“Escopofobia,” of note, zips along on a syncopated, well-auto-tuned engine, detailed out with melodic passages and satisfying pre-choruses, intricate and busy, but uncluttered. The record’s not-in-English-auto-tune and universal pop moves juxtaposed against a unique localism somehow play like Music From Saharan Cellphones, South American style, and I’m hyped to see what else DOXXED will reveal.


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